Essay “Non renewable resources”

Non renewable resources have been used from many years on, for different and many reasons, but many people have used it not knowing the negative consequences. In the essay we are going to develope what we think about non renewable resources.

Its very hard to imagine a world without nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels; considering that the source of energy of many machines, such as cars or trucks, are this fuels, so dangerous and expensive to extract from the Earths depths taking into a count explosions can occur.

Even tough its hard to depend on renewable resources, we should seriously consider this option, having in mind these sources; fuels will get exhausted in 300 years, what means that the children of our children will need to depend on other sources, renewable ones: such as solar energy, and if the world isnt prepared it wont be able to support this change.

So, from our point of view, even though fuels are necesary, people should make a better and restrict use of them so they can last more time, but for this plan to be a successfull action must be taken quickly, before its to late.

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